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Vantage Connect® by Davis

Remote Weather Data, Versatile Integration.

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Have you ever wanted an extra pair of eyes and ears in a remote area of your property to check weather conditions? We have the solution: Vantage Connect. Now you can track weather data from remote locations that may not have reliable power, but do have good cellular reception—all without leaving your home or office.

Vantage Connect remote data

Remote Weather

Create your own remote weather station.

Vantage Connect combines the data collection capabilities of a weather station console with a data logger and cellular modem to transmit your weather data to a secure page on WeatherLink.com in 5, 15, or 60-minute intervals depending your chosen service plan. Design your remote weather station to include a Vantage Connect and the Davis sensors that monitor the conditions most important to you. View your data online, anywhere there's an internet connection, using your PC, tablet or smartphone. Or download the data to your PC for analysis, archiving and reporting using the included WeatherLink software.

Vantage Connect Internet data

Real-time Weather Alerts

Real-time weather alerts sent to your smartphone or computer.

Vantage Connect transmits data from your Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) over a cellular connection to the internet in 5, 15, or 60-minute intervals depending your chosen service plan. Regardless of the service plan you choose, Vantage Connect can be programmed to send you vital alarms via email or text in real time when your preset weather conditions, such as high wind or freezing conditions, occur.

Vantage Connect integrates with Davis stations

Davis Weather System Integration

Vantage Connect easily integrates with wireless and cabled systems.

Vantage Connect can take the place of your console or work with your console.

Wireless Vantage Connect works with a Vantage Vue ISS, any wireless Vantage Pro2 ISS or any wireless special-purpose station. The unit can listen to a total of 8 stations in specific combinations and has the same 1000 ft. (300 m) wireless range as our Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 consoles and wireless Weather Envoy.

The cabled Vantage Connect works only with the cabled Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) using the 100 ft. (30 m) cable—extends to 1,000 ft. (304,8 m)—from the ISS.


Vantage Connect Station Configuration Options

Vantage Connect integrates with up to eight wireless Davis Weather Stations or one cabled station.

Vantage Connect station diagram Vantage Connect station configuration options

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Devices & Service Plans

Vantage Connect requires a service plan and a one-time activation fee. For more product details and information on which version works in your country, click on the link below.

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