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Weather is important when your life is on the line!

Nik Wallenda, "The King of the High Wire," walked 50 stories above the Chicago River—without using a harness—on Sunday, November 2.

Worldwide live coverage by the Discovery Channel was available online and hosted by NBC news. Davis was honored to be a part of this incredible event as Nik broke not one, but two Guiness World Records. Davis Instruments was the official provider of onsite weather data for NBC and the Discovery Channel during this historic event through the use of five Vantage Pro2 weather stations reporting live weather before, during, and after the walk.

Nik Wallenda
Image courtesy The Discovery Channel.

New Davis Rain Cone

Announcing our new and improved rain cone design!

We're pleased to announce that our rain cone is sporting a new look! We've updated the design and added grip grooves, bird spikes, a new debris screen and the Davis logo.

We've also created a new stand-alone Rain Collector that combines the new rain cone without the logo and the Vantage Pro2 mounting base.

Click here to get the new rain cone!

Click here to get the new Rain Collector!

Introducing Agricultural Weather Systems for Crop Success by Davis Instruments

Whether you are concerned about irrigation needs, frost alerts, pest management, or accurately forecasting harvest dates, Davis Instruments provides a comprehensive solution at an affordable price.

Ag Solutions diagram

SolLight™ and Shockles™ Products Now Available!

We're happy to announce that SolLight and Shockles products are available for purchase.

SolLight logo
SolLight™ products feature a solar cell and internal battery engineered as a system to capture and store the sun's energy. Provides light when and where you need it.
Shockles logo
Shockles™ reduce shock loads that commonly occur around boats. They are also found outside the marine industry—anywhere loads are constant or extreme.

About Davis

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Davis Instruments offers weather, automotive, and marine products and services. Find out more about Who We Are and What We Do. We welcome your inquiries and love customer feedback, so feel free to Contact Us today!

Weather: Davis makes professional quality cabled and wireless weather stations and accessories, and weather software for the home, education, and professional needs.

Automotive: Davis' Automotive line includes wireless and GPS enabled vehicle tracking devices ("black box") and software, fleet and small business solutions, and personal vehicle tracking products.

Marine: The Marine line includes boating and sailing accessories, safety equipment, and more for outdoor enthusiasts.

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