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Installation Options

We offer a number of different installation options to help you customize your station to suit your needs. Some of the options are only compatible with certain stations. The easiest way to find out which are compatible with your station is to go to the product page for that station. (Click "Stations" on the left-hand side bar.) Then, click the bullet for "Installation Options" on the right-hand side.

Additional Display Consoles

Vantage Pro2 Console/Receiver or Vantage Vue Console/Receiver. To view data from a Wireless Vantage Pro2 in additional locations, or for use with a Wireless Temperature, Temperature/Humidity, or Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station.

Additional Data Reception/Transmission

Wireless Envoy8X. Lets you receive data from a Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite or special-purpose station, and post it to your computer without a console. Log data from up to 8 different transmitters, in any combination, and report to a weather database.

Cabled Weather Envoy or Wireless Weather Envoy. Lets you receive data from a Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite or special-purpose station, and post it to your computer without a console. Limited number of stations (for example, only one Integrated Sensor Suite can transmit to this). For more flexiblity, choose the Envoy8X.


Extension Cables. Includes cables for consoles, sensors, data loggers, and heaters.

Mounting Options for Vantage Pro2

Anemometer Transmitter Kit. To locate the Vantage Pro2 anemometer away from the integrated sensor suite.

Mounting Pole Kit. Poles and hardware for mounting Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite.

Mounting Tripod. Galvanized steel mounting tripod makes installation easy.

Sensor Mounting Shelf. For mounting Solar Radiation Sensor and/or UV Sensor on Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite.

Mounting Options for Wizard & Monitor

Rain Collector Shelf. Provides a horizontal surface for mounting the Rain Collector.

Sensor Mounting Arm. For optimal positioning of sensors. Made of white powder-coated aluminum.

Power Options

Solar Power Kits generate enough power to run your station under most low-light conditions. Choose Vantage Pro2 Solar Power Kit for Wireless Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Pro2 Solar Power Kit for Cabled Vantage Pro2 stations.

Radiation Shields

Radiation shields increase the accuracy of temperature readings. Chose our economical Radiation Shield with passive airflow.

Shelters & Heaters

Complete System Shelter. For a complete outdoor station, with room for console, junction box, radio, timer, and more.

Multi-Purpose Shelter. Use for subsystems such as Envoy and WeatherLink datalogger or Wizard III or Monitor II console, WeatherLink datalogger and protected junction box.

Rain Collector Heater. For use in cold climates to measure freezing rain or the moisture content of snowfall.

Surge Protection

Link Isolator Kit. Upgraded protection against electrical disturbances. Installs between WeatherLink data logger and PC. For Wizard & Monitor only.

Surge Protector. For upgraded protection against lightning-induced power surges and ground potential rises.

Surge Protector Shelter. Weather-resistant shelter for Surge Protectors.