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Need Help Choosing a Davis Station?

We are confident that Davis weather stations offer the best features, accuracy, reliability, and support of all the consumer weather stations on the market. Add our competitive prices, and we know you will agree that a Davis station is the right choice.

Choose a Basic Weather System

For most home and business uses, our most popular system includes an Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS), a console, a tripod or mounting pole, and our WeatherLink software for storing and viewing historic data.

Here are some suggested systems to get you started. The components are interchangeable; for example, get a WeatherLinkIP with your Vantage Pro2 system instead of the WeatherLink USB.

Compare Davis Stations

To help you decide which Davis station and wide range of options are best for you, we've summarized the features found on each Davis station in the PDF's linked below. Each station is typically available in several different versions, with and without various installation options.

Vantage Pro2 vs. Vantage Vue

What's the difference between a Vantage Pro2 and a Vantage Vue?

Both of these systems are great, accurate weather stations. But the Vantage Vue and the Vantage Pro2 have different advantages:

  • Vantage Vue: If you're looking for value and a super simple set-up, Vantage Vue is the way to go. It is less expensive than the Vantage Pro2 and yet its accuracy, update speed, wireless range, and durability are comparable.
  • Vantage Pro2: If you need system configuration flexibility and want to add sensors or separate the anemometer from the other sensors, Vantage Pro2 is right for you. Vantage Pro2 comes with a 40' (12 m) anemometer cable which allows the really serious weather buff to site the station sensors correctly for both wind (which should be up high) and rain/temperature (which should be at about 5-6 feet (2 meters)). With the Vantage Pro2, you can also add on stations, such as a remote wireless anemometer, leaf wetness and soil moisture, and sensors such as solar and UV.

For many users, the level of exact siting that can be achieved with Vantage Pro2 is not as important as for others. You can mount the Vantage Vue on the roof if you are most interested in perfect siting for wind, or down lower if you want easier access to the station and are most interested in rain/temperature and lower level winds. The two consoles are a little different, personal preferences might come into play on that. (The radios are the same in both, so you can mix and match consoles with ISSes.) It's not an easy choice, but you can't really go wrong!

Additional Resources

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Questions? Contact Us

You may want or need other options. If you need more help choosing, please contact our helpful Customer Service representatives today.



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