AeroCone Rain Collector Cone Replacement Kit

Product number: 6462

Replace your old rain cone with our improved design offering greater accuracy in strong wind conditions.

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Features & Benefits

More Accuracy in High Winds

Improved design is more accurate in strong winds. When your console says, “hold onto your hat” you’ll be getting the most accurate data with this cone! The new shape allows wind to flow around the cone, reducing turbulence and friction at the mouth of the collector.

All Vantage Pro2 weather stations come with the improved rain collector!




This kit includes our redesigned rain cone with grip grooves and Davis logo, bird spikes, and a lock-in-place debris screen to keep it from falling off being blown out. The grip grooves make removing the cone easier. Bird spikes keep feathered friends from getting comfortable on your rain collector, and the improved debris screen keeps rain flowing through the collector without falling out.


Vantage Pro2 rain collector base required.

Compatible with all cabled and wireless Vantage Pro2 and stand-alone rain collectors, as well as all original Vantage Pro weather stations.

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