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Quick Reference Cards

Quick Reference Cards offer a wealth of information in a handy, colorful, and easy-to-understand format. Made of three-hole punched weatherproof high-strength plastic.

Boating Guide
Covers small-craft seamanship including pre-departure checklists, troubleshooting, and safety information.

Celestial Navigation
Guides you through the steps needed to find your location using the sun and stars.

Coastwise Piloting
Covers dead reckoning, compass readings, distance off, current and leeway corrections, and much more.

International Navigation Rules
Covers differences between buoyage systems and regions, plus right of way, signal flags, and more.

Marine Electronics
Offers key information on GPS, LORANC, RDF, radar, depth sounders, and radio communications.

Navigation Rules
Covers the U.S. buoyage system, inland and international rules, right of way, lights, and sound signals.

Pocket Quick Reference Cards
Six cards joined with a stainless steel ring include information on: Rules of the Road, Predeparture Check, Navigation Lights, Emergencies, Radio Use, and much more.

Weather Forecasting
Includes information on how to predict the weather plus critical info on boating in hazardous conditions.