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Deluxe Hanging Radar Reflector

This product has been discontinued.

Every boat needs a radar reflector. It helps ships see you in low-visibility conditions.

The EchoMaster comes in a plastic case and folds flat for easy storage and is made of stamped aluminum sheets with locking corner rivets. Echomaster radar reflectors return the same signal as reflectors costing hundreds of dollars more.

The Standard EchoMaster can be assembled around a backstay or wire rigging. Mounting holes in corner latches make sturdy attachment points for suspending from a bridle. Non-anodized marine grade aluminum plates. Deluxe Mounting Systems may be purchased separately.

The Deluxe Hanging EchoMaster comes with the mounting system to hang EchoMaster from a spreader, or rigging. Anodized marine grade aluminum plates. Heavy-gauge vinyl stowage case included.

The Deluxe Surface/Rail Mount EchoMaster comes with a mounting system to affix EchoMaster to hard surfaces like wood, metal and fiberglass.Sturdy plastic may also be mounted to any rail up to 1/1/4' (32mm) diameter using standard 1 1/2" (38mm) u-bolts. Kit includes all fastenings to hold reflector to the mounting base: through bolts or u-bolts for mounting to surface are not included.

The Davis Emergency Radar Reflector is a compact, lightweight and economical unit that disassembles and stows flat for storage. When needed, it pops open to 11.5" diameter (29cm) and installs in seconds. Its three perpendicular planes reflect radar from all directions. Made of special plastic-metal foil laminate. Resists corrosion and peeling.

Deluxe Hanging Mount System comes with two corner blocks and all the hardware to suspend the Echomaster from a mast or rigging.

Deluxe Surface Mount System comes with a plastic base, black anodized upright tube, two corner blocks and all the hardware to securely attach EchoMaster to the unit. Installation fasteners or U-bolts for rail mounting are not included.

Part #: 00153

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