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Versatile Hardware Options

DriveRight 600E is available in four different models. Each includes an interactive onboard console and vehicle installation hardware. Hardware varies to meet the needs of specific vehicle types and model years:

  • DriveRight 600E with OBD II connector (most newer cars, vans, and pickup trucks)
  • DriveRight 600E with Vehicle Speed Sensor connector (most newer cars, vans, and pickup trucks)
  • DriveRight 600E with reed switch sensor (General Duty: older model cars, vans, and pickup trucks)
  • DriveRight 600E with reed switch sensor (Heavy Duty: tractors, big rigs, etc.)

Easy Console Mounting and Use

The onboard console easily mounts on the dashboard or sun visor. The console allows drivers to enter an ID before a trip and specify trip type of business, personal, commute, or other. It also displays current time and date as well as trip details:

  • Current speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip time and date
  • Distance traveled
  • Driver safety limits exceeded for acceleration, deceleration, time over speed safety limit

Additional Installation Options

Give each driver his own console, and then use the 4-digit “driver ID code” to track project or address codes instead of driver IDs. Or, to use a single console in multiple vehicles, purchase an extra installation kit for each vehicle instead of a complete system.

Trip Map

A GPS Trip Map works with Google Earth, Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint or other third-party mapping programs to get a bird’s-eye view of drivers’ routes. Query each dot for details on time, speed and direction. Set speed ranges and ID according to color codes. Zoom in to see streets and intersections; zoom out to see the broader geographical area.

Day Map

A Day Map allows you to see where your drivers went each day, each place they stopped and the routes they took. Select for specific DriveRight IDs, drivers, dates and speeds. Query each dot on the map for details on time, speed, and direction. Zoom in for a closer view of the route or to see the details of each trip.

Accident Map

The Accident Map in the Fleet Management Software details accident data by capturing the data before and after hard braking events. With DriveRight 600E, you can see details for 20 seconds before and 20 seconds after a hard braking event. View the location of each hard braking event. Query each triangle for details on time and date. Zoom in to see exact location or to see details on the entire trip.



Optional Reporting Software

Add our Fleet Management Software so you can view, track and compare both drivers and vehicles through a variety of reports.

Driver Safety Score

Ranks driver safety performance using a single concise score. You choose the factors you want to include in the safety score and how much to weigh each.

The Driver Safety Score report lets you:
– Choose a detailed or summary report;
– Select starting and ending dates;
– Sort by current score cumulative score or driver name;
– Compare current and cumulative safety scores to see how drivers are doing over time;
– Weigh each factor appropriately by changing the safety score formula as needed; and
– Group drivers in color bands by high, medium and low safety scores.

Vehicle Activity Report

Lets you see how much your vehicles are being driven and when. Use to monitor excessive idle time, when vehicles reach certain mileage milestones or to monitor driving outside of authorized hours.

The Vehicle Activity Report lets you:
– Display distance in miles or kilometers;
– Provide reports for selected vehicles by date range;
– Set targets for defined use and see how individual drivers compare to fleet averages;
– Set or change the definitions for “weekends” and “nights” as needed;
– See the various categories where driving times and events occur; and
– Easily view highlighted exceptions that are outside of company parameters.

Exception Reports

Make it easy to pay attention to what matters most. No need to sort through reams of data for each driver—simply enter your selected criteria and let the software do the work.

Exception Reports let you easily spot:
– Excessive speed and amount of time over speed;
– Number of hard braking events; and
– Driving at night or outside of authorized hours.

You can also compare the driver’s top speed with your company’s established speed safety limit, view only those drivers who exceeded your selected criteria, and determine the appropriate action by reviewing how much time was spent over the limit.

Accident Log

Whether the driver slammed on the brakes or hit an immovable barrier, CarChip Fleet Pro and DriveRight 600E provide the detailed, moment-by-moment information you need to help reconstruct the accident.

The Accident Log lets you select specific DriveRight ID and date; export to the included Excel template to view in graphic format; see details for the 20 seconds before a hard brake and 20 seconds after; view exact accident location using Google Maps and Google Earth or other third-party mapping software with optional GPS system. With the DriveRight 600E digital inputs, see exactly when the driver applied his brakes.



Interactive Onboard Console Helps Improve Driver Performance

DriveRight 600E gives instant feedback to drivers, improving their performance with every mile. Set the audible alarms and the driver will know instantly whenever he has exceeded company safety limits for speed, acceleration and hard braking. After the trip, query the console for details on time, speed, distance and more. Download to Fleet Management Software to compare driver performance and track improvement over time.

Safety Features & Security Options

Monitor seatbelt and headlight usage with optional digital inputs. Enhanced security options include driver ID and optional Starter Interrupter Kit.

Optional GPS

See the routes your drivers took, the speeds they drove and the location of any accidents or near-accidents when using the optional GPS system with Google Earth or other third-party mapping software.



Instant Driver Feedback

Onboard alarms alert the driver to excessive speed, acceleration, or deceleration. Set alarms for speed, acceleration, and hard braking. Security codes allow you to change settings on onboard console.

Optional GPS Mapping Offers Visual Data

Use the mapping feature with optional GPS system to view the location of each hard braking event on a map. You can view all hard braking events for selected drivers and date ranges.



Easy Data Download

DriveRight 600E offers three download options:

  • Download directly to PC via USB or serial port.
  • Transmit wirelessly from vehicle to office computer with optional wireless download system.
  • Other download option: SmartCard System allows you to set safety limits and ensure vehicles are driven by authorized personnel using driver IDs and optional Starter Interrupter Kit.

Custom Settings

Custom settings allow you to set up the consoles and software to fit your needs:

  • Set vehicle or driver IDs for DriveRight 600E consoles
  • Set units of measure for speed and distance (miles or kilometers) and the format for time and date (U.S. or international)
  • Set onboard safety alarms for speed, acceleration and hard braking
  • Set multiple levels of corporate structure for reporting purposes

Driver Trip Log In

Use a SmartCard or set alarms to remind drivers using DriveRight 600E to log in manually before each trip.

Location, Location, Location

Add a GPS system to the DriveRight 600E console in each vehicle and you can see not only how your vehicles are being driven—but where.

Download the data to our Fleet Management Software, then use Google Earth, Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint or other third-party mapping programs to create detailed maps showing each driver’s routes, the speeds driven and the locations of any accidents or near-acciden

Optional Wireless Download

Our optional Wireless Download System makes data download automatic and effortless!

Retrieve your drivers’ data without removing the device. Downloading driver or vehicle data is easy and efficient with Davis’ Wireless Onboard Module. No buttons to push or complex instructions to follow—your drivers simply return to the fleet’s home base and the data from each DriveRight 600E is transmitted to the base station. The base station passes the information to the Fleet Management Software on your office computer for you to view. Transmission distance is maximum 600′ (183 m) line of sight.

Compare & Buy

Compare & Buy

DriveRight 600E is available in four models. Each includes an interactive onboard console and vehicle installation hardware. Our Fleet Management Software (FMS; sold separately) is required for data download, reporting, and GPS features.

  DriveRight 600EDriveRight 600EDriveRight 600EDriveRight 600E
Features of DriveRight with Fleet Management SoftwareDriveRight 600EDriveRight 600EDriveRight 600EDriveRight 600E
Product #8126OBD8126VSS8126GD8126HD
Activation fee0000
Reports GPS dataoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Installs using OBD II connector Vehicle Speed Sensor Driveshaft or CV Joint Driveshaft or CV Joint
Installation time 10 minutes for OBD 1-2 hours 1-2 hours 1-2 hours
For model years 1996 and newer 1992 and newer Any Any
For cars, vans, and pickup trucksyesyesyesyes
For tractors, big rigs or other large trucks, and buses false false falseyes
Backup battery 3-volt lithium 3-volt lithium 3-volt lithium 3-volt lithium
Real-time alerts via web and email false false false false
Hard/extreme accelerations and decelerationsyesyesyesyes
Hard/extreme cornering false false false false
Onboard three-axis accelerometer false false false false
Onboard alarms for acceleration/decelerationyesyesyesyes
Automatic accident detection with speed data for the last 20 seconds before and after a hard deceleration for the last 20 seconds before and after a hard deceleration for the last 20 seconds before and after a hard deceleration for the last 20 seconds before and after a hard deceleration
Geofence settings false false false false
Trip details (start/end times, distance, speed, etc.)yesyesyesyes
Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes false false false false
Ability to reset “Check Engine” light false false false false
Encrypted data transfer false false false false
Tamper notification After Data Transfer After Data Transfer After Data Transfer After Data Transfer
View DetailsView DetailsView DetailsView Details

Upgrade to CarChip Connect for more features such as real-time alerts, greater battery power and fail-safe, geofencing, hard cornering data, g-Bubble reports, and Integrated Scorecard reports. These, and more, are tools that help you manage your fleet efficiently and effectively in real time.