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replacement parts

Power Adapter for Consoles and Alarm Output Module

$15.00 (#7916)

Replacement AC-power adapter for Perception, Wizard, or Monitor consoles or Alarm Output Module. For Vantage family consoles, use Power Adapter for Vantage stations...

PCBA for Wireless ISS or ISS Plus, US

$175.00 (#7345.976)

PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) for wireless Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Pro2 Plus Integrated Sensor Suites, Wirelss Temperature Station (6372), Wireless...

PCBA for Leaf & Soil Moisture Station, US

$150.00 (#7345.166)

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for #06345 Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station and #06345CS Complete Wireless Leaf & Soil...

Power Adapter for Vantage Family Consoles

$20.00 (#6625)

Replacement power adapter for Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2, and Vantage Vue consoles.

Allen Wrench for Vantage Vue ISS (0.05″)

$2.00 (#7802.090)

Replacement allen wrench (0.05″) for the Vantage Vue integrated sensor suite.

Captive Thumb Screw for Vantage Vue ISS

$2.00 (#7353.052)

Replacement captive thumb screw for the Vantage Vue integrated sensor suite.


Adaptive Engineering

Product Name

Weather Word

Telephone-based weather station. Connects to a standard telephone line, reports current conditions and collected weather data by voice recording. Uses Davis sensors for wind, rain, & temp/hum data. WeatherLink  compatible for full connection with the weather station.

AfterTen Software

Product Name


Simple display layout shows all primary weather data on one screen. Save data to SQLite database or any DB via ODBC connection. Upload web pages for real-time weather updates. Connects to, displays data from Vantage Pro or Vantage Vue stations.

Ambient Weather

Product Name

MOBILEMOUNT Mobile Weather Station

The MobileMount vehicle weather station mounting system (weather station not included) is an easy-to-install portable mount. Connect your Vantage Vue to your vehicle and turn it into an instant mobile weather command center.

Ambient Weather

Product Name

WeatherMount Weather Station Mount

Flexible mounting alternative to a mounting pole or tripod. The mounting plate provides a fast & easy installation, and can be mounted on a pitched roof. Works with all Davis Weather Stations. Perfect for those difficult mounting requirements.

Ambient Weather

Product Name

EZ-GWA Guy Wire Kit

The Guy-wire Kit contains three precut lengths of plastic coated, steel guy-wire cable, and all hardware required to secure the guy-wires to the top of the tripod mast, and the bottom of the tripod.

Secures Davis’ Tripod #7716 or Mounting Pole #7717.

Ambient Weather

Product Name

GWY-141 Modbus

This gateway allows you to connect your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), RTU (remote telemetry unit) or SCADA System to a Vantage Pro2. Connects to WeatherLink 6510SER serial data logger and sends data to your SCADA system or PLC.

Bit Line

Product Name


MeteoLED displays weather data on a very large LED weather panel. Simply connect a cabled Davis Vantage Pro2 station. A PT100 input channel it is available for 2nd temperature. Can be used for road, airport, ferry terminal, marine, commercial area and more.


Product Name


SayWeather is an AWOS alternative for small airports. It provides a spoken weather advisory to pilots on-demand via VHF. Works with Vantage Pro, Pro2, and Vue.


Product Name

Crestron line of automation systems

A line of control and automation systems, offering integrated solutions to control audio, video, computer, IP and environmental systems, used in conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and homes.

Darrera, S.A.

Product Name

Ultrasonic Anemometer for Davis VP2

Measures wind speed and direction with high accuracy and reliability. It is especially designed to directly replace the Davis VP2 standard wind cups anemometer.

FieldServer Technologies

Product Name


QuickServer Protocol Gateway enables devices utilizing one protocol to interface seamlessly to networks utilizing a different protocol, thus allowing interoperability between devices.

Logic Energy Limited

Product Name

LeWL WindLogger

The LeWL stand alone wind speed logger comprises two digital channels of contact closure from an anemometer, and an analogue channel for measuring wind direction. Writes directly to an SD card.

Ocean Controls

Product Name

Arduino Based Temperature Sensor

This temperature sensor can take readings from up to 5 temperature sensors as well as Solar Radiation and Anemometer sensors. It is Arduino based and user re-programmable. Connects directly to Solar Radiation and Anemometer sensors.

Ocean Controls

Product Name

Modbus Temperature Sensor

This 5-channel temperature sensor (non Davis sensors) module can also interface with Davis’ solar radiation and anemometer sensors. Connects directly to solar radiation and anemometer sensors and presents data in Modbus RTU format.

Ocean Controls

Product Name

Anemometer Interface & Alarm Card

Convert wind data to 0-5V or 4-20mA, give 2 relay contacts for wind over speed conditions and convert data to Modbus RTU (RS232 or RS485). Connects directly to anemometers, convert data to PLC, RTU or SCADA System friendly format.

Ocean Controls

Product Name

Modbus TCP Station Gateway

Easily connect your PLC, RTU, SCADA System or Web Page to a Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue weather station with WeatherLink serial installed. Connects to WeatherLink serial and presents data as Modbus TCP, Modbus 485 or XML over HTTP.

Ocean Controls

Product Name

UV, Solar & Wind Modbus Module

Presents UV, solar, and wind data to a Modbus RTU, RS232 or RS485 connection, for interfacing with PLCs, RTUs or SCADA Systems. Connects UV, solar and wind sensors from a Vantage Pro2 directly and converts data to Modbus Registers.

Ocean Controls

Product Name

Modbus RTU Vantage Pro2 Interface

This interface allows you to easily connect your PLC, RTU or SCADA System to a Vantage Pro2 Weather Station with WeatherLink Serial Installed. Connects through WeatherLink serial and presents all weather data in Modbus RTU (RS485) format.

Optical Sensors

Product Name


A low price visibility sensor for the microscopic water particles constituting fog, snowflakes, raindrops or air pollutants. A 0-3 Volt analog signal is available. RS232 output also available and can be modified according to requirements.

Prodata Weather Systems

Product Name

IM Sunshine Duration Sensor

Measures validated hours of bright sunshine in units of 0.01 hours. It sums up the amount of daily sunshine in a single, easily-understood daily value. Interfaces with an unused rain gauge input on a Davis weather station.


Product Name


Cumulus is free software for retrieving, storing and displaying data from an electronic Automatic Weather Station (AWS). Cumulus works with the Davis Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2, and Vantage Vue weather stations.

Teknik Grup Ltd.

Product Name

MiniSense Davis MODBUS Gateway

MiniSense MODBUS/RTU gateway for Davis stations with serial interface. Multipurpose inputs for third-party sensors and solid state relays (monitored and controlled by your PLC/RTU/SCADA system).

TTA, Inc.

Product Name


ARMM is an advanced microcontroller and datalogger for remote and real time data transmission and control of automatic weather stations (AWS) and sensors. ARMMs board allows it to transmit real time weather data acquired by Davis weather stations and sensors from a remote

TTA, Inc.

Product Name


Can acquire data from a wide array of sensors, perform up to 10 samplings per second and statistical elaboration. Can be directly interfaced to Davis weather stations and additional sensors (leaf wetness, soil moisture, solar radiation, temperature probe, UV).

Weather Display

Product Name

Weather Display Software

Software to connect to your Davis station to store/log/graph and display detailed climate data on your pc or on your web site. Works with the Davis WeatherLink data logger and its related stations/sensors.

Weather Information Systems

Product Name

Weather View 32

Weather Station Monitoring/Data logging Software that connects your weather station to a computer. Displays weather data in real-time plus much more. Requires Davis’ WeatherLink data logger.


EnviroMonitor: Measure. Monitor. Manage.

The easy-to-use, affordable, remote field monitoring system for making critical crop decisions. View or download this catalog.

Precision Weather Instruments

Weather monitoring systems for home, agriculture, industry, and school. View or download this catalog.

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