Vantage Connect® for Wireless Stations (GPRS/GSM)

Product number: 06622

Remote weather data, versatile integration. Cellular-based, solar-powered unit sends remote weather station data to the Internet. Operates with 2G/3G cellular technology and is a good choice in the US where there is no CDMA coverage, or in other countries around the world. Also available in CDMA version (product number 6621), and cabled version (product number 6622C).

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Features & Benefits

Vantage Connect allows you to retrieve weather data from any remote site that has cellular coverage. Powered by battery and solar panel, it receives data from your sensor suite up to 1000 feet (30 meters) away, then sends it via cellular connection to your page on the WeatherLink Network, Davis’ global weather network.

From,  you can access your data from a computer or smartphone, and download it for further analysis. You can also receive alerts via email or text when specific conditions are met. You’ll know in real-time when temperatures drop near frost levels in your orchard or when wind direction changes near a fire hazard. Perfect for remote orchards, vineyards, farms, vacation or rental homes, and fire hazard areas.

What is Vantage Connect?

–  A weather station receiver and cellular modem.

–  Solar powered with battery backup; does not require any external power sources.

–  Self-contained in a weather-resistant shelter.

–  An optional AC Charger is available for areas with prolonged periods of low light and accessible power.

–  Add on a Extra Solar Panel Kit for sites with limited sunlight.

How does Vantage Connect work?

–  Uploads weather data through a cellular connection to in 5, 15, or 60-minute intervals, depending on the service plan you choose.

–  Access and store  your data on your secure page on

–  Download data to your PC for further analysis.

–  Set alerts for alarm conditions in the field so you know the moment they occur.

–  Can receive data from any wireless Davis transmitting station such as an integrated sensor suite or Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture station.

Which Vantage Connect is right for you?

Choose the Vantage Connect that is right for your location. The choice is based on the country and cellular coverage, and whether you need a cabled or a wireless system.

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Reviews & Photos

Thrives in the harshest environment

“We have had quite cold weather after Christmas [here in central Finland]. Temperatures from day to day in front of my window are about -20°C to -30°C.  In fact, nearby in middle Finland (62°N), the weather has been colder than in Finnish Lapland (68-70°N)! But all of our Vantage Connects are working just fine! Their performance has been excellent!  (By the way, today we got four calls from new semi-professional clients telling us there non-Davis weather stations have stopped working on these cold days and they want Davis Vantage Pro2s!)”

— Ilkka Lilja, Davis International Reseller ILoy, Jyvaskyla, Finland


Long transmission distance

Receives data from your transmitting station up to 1000 feet (30 meters) away.

Automatic Uploads

Uploads weather data through a cellular connection to in 5, 15, or 60-minute intervals, depending on the service plan you choose.

Receive data from up to 8 transmitting stations

–  1 Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite

–  1 Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station

–  2 Wireless Temperature/Humidity Stations

–  3 Wireless Temperature Stations

–  1 Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit



–  Vantage Connect receiver and cellular modem

–  Heavy-duty battery backup

–  WeatherLink software

–  Your own WeatherLink Network account on with purchase of a Vantage Connect service plan

–  Hardware to mount to a vertical pole

–  A jack to add an external temperature probe for air, soil, or water


–  At least one  transmitting station (a Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite, or special purpose station)

–  A Vantage Connect service plan and one-time activation fee

–  WeatherLink software requires a computer running Windows® XP or above

–  iPhone®, Android ™, and tablet compatible

–  A console or Envoy is not required.

Choose your service plan

  5-Minute Plan15-Minute Plan60-Minute Plan
Features5-Minute Plan15-Minute Plan60-Minute Plan
Annual Price
Product #663266346636
Update IntervalEvery 5 minutesEvery 15 minutesEvery 60 minutes
Real-time alarms via email or textyesyesyes
Secure data storageyesyesyes
Online website (public or private)yesyesyes
Mobile Appyesyesyes
Ability to download data to PCyesyesyes
Ability to automatically report data to CWOPyesyesyes
Ability to automatically report data to Weather Undergroundyesyesyes
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