Product number: 3480

Solar charger, high output speakers, rugged carrying case—all in one! Recharge your cell phone or portable device on the go!

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Take along stored energy to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player, or digital camera while you’re out and about! Use the powerful 3-watt stereo speakers to listen to music, enhance games, or make a hands-free call. Output rate is 300-500 mA, and you can use your phone or device while it is charging. The LED charge indicator tells you how much charge is available.

When the charge runs low, you can recharge the SoliCharger-SP’s 2000 mAh internal battery using the sun or by plugging into your PC or any type of USB port.

SoliCharger’s tough Cordura® case also provides protective storage for a wide range of electronic gadgets including iPhone® devices, Playstation® consoles, cameras or MP3 players.

SoliCharger-SP includes adapters for 32-pin Apple®, USB, USB Mini, USB Micro and USB Female (for iPhone® 5 and beyond).

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