RailLight™ Mini

Product number: 3450

Add solar lights quickly and easily to any rail. Each RailLight Mini contains two bright white LEDs.

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Great for lighting your boat, house, deck or the area around your pool or fountain, RailLights are fully marinized. They switch on automatically in the dark and provide up to 8 hours of light on a full charge. The on/off switch allows you to turn the RailLight off.

RailLights use FastSolar™ technology, a charging system optimized to recharge the internal battery in overcast and cloudy conditions. Even when the switch is in the off position, the battery continues charging.

RailLights feature:

  • Stainless steel caps and posts
  • A UV resistant polycarbonate lens to amplify the light
  • Waterproof switching
  • Fully sealed electronics


  • Includes nylon mount fittings for railings 0.65-1.25″ (17-32 mm).
  • RailLight Mini stands 11″ tall (28 cm). Also available as a larger version, RailLight Premium.

For easy installation, use the QuickMount System.

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