LightCap™ 200, Smoke Bottle Cap

Product number: 3410

Take the light with you!


Additional Information


LightCap 200 turns any bottle with a 2″ (51 mm) inside diameter opening into a solar lantern. The rugged waterproof cap contains a solar cell on the top with an internal battery and four white LEDs. The lights come on automatically in the dark. A built-in light sensor switches the cap off during daylight hours while the battery charges. You can also use the waterproof switch to turn the lights on and off.


  • Solar cell and internal battery stores up to 15 hours of light.
  • Translucent and unbreakable with two hanging loops.
  • Weighs just 2.6 oz (74 g).
  • Doubles as an eco-friendly flashlight (no batteries needed).

All electronics are fully sealed for use in the field (not dishwasher safe). LightCap 200 fits any bottle with a 2″ (51 mm) inside diameter opening.

LightCap 200 is also available in red.

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