Agricultural/Turf Management Module

Product number: 6511

Optional software module adds specialized reports for farmers, growers, and turf managers. With a user-defined 24-hour period and growing season, you can track the weather according to your needs, not the calendar.

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Features & Benefits

Get reports growers need


You’ll get evapotranspiration, chilling requirement, leaf wetness hours, and soil temperature hours—all with user-entered thresholds and starting and ending dates. Plus growing degree-days and temperature-humidity hours (with user-entered names of crops, pests, or diseases) and crop water management (with irrigation values and user-entered K-factor profiles).



WeatherLink software (6510SER, 6510USB, 6540, 6544, 6560) or WeatherLinkIP (6555)

A Davis weather station


Optimal System Requirements

To get the most out of the Ag Turf Module’s powerful reports, use with a Vantage Pro2 weather station with:

  • Solar Radiation Sensor (#6450) required for Evapotranspiration
  • Leaf Wetness Sensor (#6420) installed on a Wireless Leaf Wetness & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station (#6345) required for Leaf Wetness Hours
  • External Temperature Probe (#6475 or 6477) installed on a Wireless Leaf Wetness & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station (#6345) or Wireless Temperature Station (#6372) required for Soil Temperature Hours


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