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What Is A Trolling Plate?

A trolling plate is a device that attaches to an outboard or inboard motor, slowing boat speed for fishing strategies. Trolling is an excellent method of fishing, allowing large coverage of water and positioning bait down to the fish-strike zone.  It’s not often easy to keep a boat moving at the best “fish-tantalizing” speed. Strong wind, current, or the outboard motor can cause bait to move too fast for the fish. A trolling plate acts as a brake on the motor while idling, allowing reduction of boat speed.

How does a trolling plate work?

Most trolling plates are bolted to an engine’s cavitation plate.  With the plate in the down position, it counteracts some of the thrust from the propellor, slowing the boat speed. A troller can even troll at the right speed going with the wind. Without a trolling plate, a troller might be forced to travel into the wind for optimal speed adjustment.  In the “up” position, a trolling plate helps maintain stability in bow-light boats by reducing porpoising and cavitation. 

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