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What Is A Sailor's Knife?

A sailor's knife, also known as a marlin spike knife or rigging knife, is a versatile and specialized tool designed specifically for use in boat and sailing activities. It is a folding knife that typically features multiple blades and additional tools to assist sailors with various tasks onboard. 

sailor's knife davis instruments deluxe rigging knife

The key features of a sailor's knife may include: 

Blade(s): A sailor's knife typically has one or more blades, such as a primary cutting blade and additional secondary blades. The primary blade is usually a serrated or plain-edge blade, ideal for cutting ropes, lines, or other materials encountered while sailing. Secondary blades may include a smaller utility blade, a marlinspike, or other specialized cutting tools.

Marlin spike: The marlin spike is a pointed metal tool often included in sailor's knives. It has a tapered shape and is used for tasks such as splicing ropes, untying knots, or loosening tight knots. The marlin spike aids in working with and manipulating ropes and lines efficiently.

Shackle Opener: Many sailor's knives have a specialized tool for opening shackles. This tool is designed to fit various sizes of shackles commonly used in marine applications, allowing sailors to quickly and easily manipulate shackles without the need for additional tools. 

Additional tools: Some sailor's knives (such as Davis Instruments' Deluxe Rigging Knife) may include other useful tools such as a screwdriver. These additional tools provide added functionality and convenience for various tasks encountered during sailing. 

Sailor's knives are designed to be compact, foldable, and easily stowed in a pocket or attached to a lanyard. They are constructed with durable materials, such as stainless steel, to withstand the harsh marine environment and resist corrosion. The versatility and functionality of a sailor's knife make it a valuable tool for sailors and boaters, allowing them to perform a range of tasks related to rigging, rope work, and general maintenance while onboard a boat.

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