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What Is a Boat Motor Hoist?

A boat motor hoist, also known as an outboard motor lift or engine hoist, is a device designed to assist in the lifting, lowering and transportation of outboard motors on boats. It is primarily used to remove or install outboard motors from the transom of a boat or lift the motor out of the water when not in use.

Boat  motor hoists typically consist of a sturdy frame with a lifting mechanism, such as a manual crank hydraulic system, or electric winch. The hoist is attached to a fixed point on the boat, such as the davit or a specially designed lifting eye, and can be operated by a single person. 

Boat motor hoists com in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different types and sizes of outboard motors. They are typically constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminum to ensure stability and strength. Some hoists may also feature additional features like adjustable arms or brackets to provide a secure and customized fit for different motor configurations.

An outboard motor harness, such as the Davis Motor Caddy can assist in lifting smaller outboard motors from 2015 horsepower. Motor Caddy's self-centering handle serves as an attachment point for hoists or allows lifting smaller motors by hand. 

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