See Scott Slater. Scott has had a weather station in many stationary locations, including his home and vacation property since 1998. This made Scott very happy. But Scott and his wife love to camp and take to the open roads in their travel trailer, and this made Scott very sad.

Hear Scott lament: "I can't be without my weather stations, even on vacation!"

So Scott, being Scott the Brilliant, decided to install a station on his travel trailer, "with little effort and cost."

"The criteria in my design," Scott told us, "was that I needed to have a setup that was secure as well as quick and easy to set up and take down while camping. I purchased two 8' [2.4 m] sections of extension pipes which can lock together with a push button. One of the two sections pipes gets cut, one end of the cut pipe mounts permanently to the tongue jack with clamps, the other end of the cut pipe mounts to the base of the sensor suite. The full section of pipe basically mates with the pipe on the base of the sensor suite, with the opposite end mating with the pipe permanently attached to the tongue jack. It sets up and comes apart in less than 30 seconds. The console is mounted inside the trailer using heavy duty Velcro."

Now see Scott. He is one happy camper.

"It works like a charm, is easy to set up and put away, and makes weather on the road a blast. Even my wife is finding the weather station is an essential part of camping."

And one happy Davis customer! "I really enjoy Davis weather equipment. It's so reasonably priced, reliable, robust, accurate and intuitive too. Plus the technical team is always a pleasure to work with if I have a problem, which I have to say has been a long, long time ago. Thanks, Davis for making such great weather instruments that are versatile enough to be used in so many places."

Vantage Vue on RV Scott's Vantage Vue in the working position on the front of their travel trailer.
Vantage Vue mounted to RV Close-up view of the pipe mounted to the tongue jack. Note that the top of the pipe mounted to the jack is tapered to accept the base of the full section of pipe. This allows the pipe to be rotated so the sensor suite points north. The top pipe mounted to the sensor suite mates with the full section securely with the push button.
Vantage Vue on RV Here's the station broken down and ready for storage.
Vantage Vue on RV The mast pipe is clamped to the tongue jack with a combinations of two sizes of conduit hanger clamps bolted together that can be purchased at any local home improvements store.

This was featured in our February 2017 newsletter.

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