Keep the Wind in Your Sails

Whether you are beating hard or running under spinnaker alone, sailing is all about the wind. Maintain your course with Davis’s full line of wind indicators and navigation tools. Our Windex wind indicator is an industry standard you’ll see on the mast of many boats in the marina. Because of its exceptional performance and reliability, Windex is on top all over the world! Add a WindScribe hand-held wind indicator to see wind speeds anywhere, and Air-Flow Tels to see air flow across sails. Use the Mark 25 Sextant, with a full-field Beam Converger™ combining horizon and astrobody images for easy, reliable sights.

Windex comes in a size for your boat

Whether you have a little Sunfish or a sleek racer, there’s a Windex for your boat. Windex's sapphire suspension system seeks wind direction in winds of less than 1 knot.

Measure the wind where it matters

Turbo Meter Electronic Windspeed Indicator is small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to use wherever you need wind speed and direction, even ashore. Air-Flow Tels attach to sails with waterproof locator discs -- no holes needed -- and show wind flow across the sails so you can trim sails for maximum performance.

Navigate with our top of the line sextant

The Mark 25 features the Beam Converger™ or “full horizon mirror:” high quality optical glass with a special coating to allow seeing through it while still picking up images as faint as low-light stars.

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A Good Night’s Sleep Aboard

If you sleep on your boat, you’ll love keeping your cabin ventilated and dry with Windscoop Ventilating Sail and Air-Dryr. Shockles LineSnubbers will

Maximize Your Storage Space

Whoever first said, "A place for everything and everything in its place," must have been a sailor. Boats are big on fun and adventure, lean on storage space.

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