Ultimate STEM Station

A Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics to deliver real time, real life daily lessons. Every student in your school, whether they are Kindergartners or AP high school seniors, will benefit. The positive uses will extend to administrators, facilities managers, safety managers, athletic coaches, and parents.

Check out our Complete Weather Lesson Plans and other resources for teachers.

One station serves all classrooms

Your school’s rain, wind, solar radiation, UV radiation, temperature and humidity data will be available in every classroom allowing teachers to use the data in grade-appropriate curricula.

Create budding meteorologists

Promote public speaking and an interest in science by incorporating the daily forecast and current weather conditions into your school announcements using data from the station’s console.

Teach nutrition and growing science

Incorporate weather data such as solar radiation, growing degrees and evapotranspiration into school garden programs. Students "connect the dots" from sunlight on seedlings to veggies on their dinner plates.

Save on irrigation costs

Give facilities managers the ability to use rain, temperature and ET data in irrigation and maintenance decisions.

Keep your sports programs and playground safe

Use UV and temperature data to determine the length of time it is appropriate for athletes to practice and for children to be sun-safe outside.

Having the data available in real-time gives us the ability to stay ahead of those conditions that can be more conducive to heat-related illnesses [in high school football players].

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Affordable Weather Watching

Vantage Vue provides all the basic weather sensors that most schools need to bring the science curriculum to life, and its

Accurate for Research

When accuracy really matters, Davis weather stations provide the reliability and accuracy research requires. Vantage Pro2’s

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