Safety Matters on the Water and at the Dock

Keeping your crew and craft safe requires constant awareness of your surroundings and planning for all contingencies. When out on the water, it’s important to see and be seen in order to avoid collisions. Your crew and passengers need be able see charts and where they are stepping when light is low. Coming into dock, you need to avoid bumping other boats by knowing the angle of your rudder. Even when docked or anchored, it’s important to be able to get back on board easily, and to protect your hull from damage from shock waves.

On the water, make sure you are seen by other craft

EchoMaster radar reflectors helps ships see you in low visibility conditions.

When moored, protect your hull and lines

Reduce shock loads on lines from tidal surges, wakes, winds or currents with Schockles® LineSnubber. Made with UV resistant nylon webbing sewn over the patented line limiter system, they are very strong, but they need to be rigged in line, so that they never bear the full load alone.

SolLights™ provide solar-powered light to make night sailing safer.

LightCaps™ turn water bottles into solar-powered lanterns. Mount RailLights™ easily on any rail; LightShip™ lights up the cabin with suction mount.

Get back on board easily

Whether you went overboard on purpose or not, it’s important to be able to get back on board easily. Swim Stirrup™ provides safe, easy access to small boats from the water.

Quickly see your rudder angle

You must know your rudder angle to avoid collisions, especially when moving in or out of your berth or drawing alongside another boat. Davis’s Rudder Position Indicator gives an instant visual reference of the rudder angle.

how we can help you

Keep Your Boat Clean and Comfortable

You’ll find many uses for FSR, a unique cleaner that’s ideal for removing oil, rust, exhaust and waterline stains from fiberglass surfaces. Keep mold and

Maximize Your Storage Space

Whoever first said, "A place for everything and everything in its place," must have been a sailor. Boats are big on fun and adventure, lean on storage space.

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