Our Most Robust, Flexible, and Intuitive Solution for Agriculture

Our most robust and configurable solution for agricultural users is the EnviroMonitor system, which combines sensors, powerful software and a team-friendly app to help you make the most of your crops. It collects sensor data from Davis and third party sensors–any sensor data you need including wind, rain, solar radiation, soil moisture, pressure, flow, and more–and communicates the data through a self-optimizing, self-healing mesh network to the Cloud. It’s a flexible solution for any application: trigger alerts when frost threatens your vineyards; create a robust irrigation management system for your center pivot crops; monitor conditions in your greenhouses with temperature and humidity measurements; set up row crop irrigation and management with soil moisture and soil temperature sensors. All the data from your sensors is captured and processed by a powerful and flexible software solution that allows you to run reports, set alarms and alerts to your specifications, view graphs and charts, and even set up a team to help manage your crops.

EnviroMonitor is an affordable, reliable solution that sends critical in-field data to your PC and smartphone for data driven decisions at your fingertips. Day or night, hot or cold, rain or shine, EnviroMonitor is your decision-making partner. It monitors what matters, where it matters, when it matters.


Make Intelligent Decisions with Real-Time Data

Real-time, in-field data based on your micro-climate helps you make well-informed decisions on what matters most, including irrigation management, frost conditions, crop management, soil conditions, and weather damage.

A Flexible Solution for Any Application

Easily configure a system to monitor what matters to you with this accurate and affordable solution. Easily access your data from in-field sensors in your vineyard, center pivot crops, greenhouse, row crops, or any other application.

Third-party Sensors Welcome

Need to add a specialized third-party sensor? No problem: use Davis and third-party sensors. Access your data through our intuitive interface that makes set-up and customizations (like alarms and alerts to you and your team) easy.

Save Money and Improve Yields

EnviroMonitor delivers actionable intelligence by measuring, monitoring, and managing critical in-field data from remote locations through a network of sensors, and sends the data to powerful software for quick reports, graphs, alerts, and more.

Keep It Simple

EnviroMonitor allows you to consolidate multiple systems (and cell plans) into one, access your data from anywhere through your smartphone, and gives you the decision-making data you need, when you need it--all in a simple interface.

Smart Irrigation

Determine irrigation requirements based on soil moisture data, ET, customized alerts, and irrigation audits.

Frost Protection

Predict frost using frost forecasting, real-time alerts, and sensors in critical areas. Set up custom frost alerts based on your data and crops.

Crop Management

Track crop development by monitoring plant growth stages through Growing Degree Days, leveraging 7-day forecasts, and tracking chilling requirements.

Using a Davis station and soil moisture sensors, we were able to use degree days to better predict harvest, as well as increase yields by up to 60% with better irrigation management.

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