Remote Monitoring

Areas that are most prone to fire, extreme temperatures, or potential flooding are rarely conveniently located near the hospital, fire station, farm office or community center. Install Vantage Pro2 with Vantage Connect in the most remote locale and see real-time data on the Web. You’ll also get email or text alerts the moment the condition of concern changes.

Comprehensive, real-time weather data

Vantage Pro2 provides rain, wind speed and direction, barometer, temperature and humidity sensors in a rugged sensor suite. Sensor data updates as often as every 2.5 seconds.

Detachable anemometer

Install your anemometer out of the protection of trees and buildings, up to 40 feet away from your rain and temperature sensors using the included cable.

Web-based data

Data is uploaded to the web using cellular technology, so you can see it anywhere you have Internet access. Choose a data upload interval of 5, 15 or 60-minutes.

Real-time alerts direct to your phone

You can set alarm conditions for wind, rain, or temperature. When an alarm condition is met, an SMS message is sent in real-time to your phone and/or email alerting you to changing conditions, even if the event is outside your upload interval.

I use a Davis station to monitor weather at my home in the mountains of Colorado. The station showed such good performance and reliability that I was confident using the same station as a data gathering and forecasting resource in my business.

how we can help you

Mobile On-site Station

Vantage Vue’s compact design and easy setup provide onsite weather data where and when it’s needed. It provides wind speed

Community-Based Station

A Vantage Pro2 installed at the fire station or downtown, along with WeatherLinkIP, provides local weather to community-based emergency response teams via the

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