Keep Your Adventures Safe

Enjoying outdoor recreation safely requires a knowledge of weather conditions. Install a Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station on the mountaintop — or the 18th hole, wherever people enjoy outdoor sports. Upload the data via Vantage Connect to your page on Guests can easily see what the conditions are and plan accordingly.

Data from any location with cellular coverage

With Vantage Connect, you can provide weather data from remote locations. Add stations to offer a complete network.

Recreation is supposed to feel good, not painful!

Keep sports participants prepared for real-time weather conditions to avoid injuries.

Easy access to data

Data is sent automatically to the web where it can be seen easily from any computer or smartphone with internet access.

I found [the Vantage Pro2] easy to use and most useful especially for identifying wind direction and temperature rise trends for runway selection and for selecting the best time to launch the fleet of twenty five gliders.

how we can help you

Provide Resort Weather for Guests

If guests to your facility come to enjoy hiking, climbing, boating, skiing, sunbathing, sight-seeing, or relaxation, you can enhance their enjoyment by

Take Your Station With You

Vantage Vue is small enough to take along on your outdoor adventures. Mount it to your recreational vehicle or your boat, or take it along to mount on your

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