Powerboat Fishing

Successful fishing starts with being where the fish are. And then all you have to do is quietly convince them to bite. Anglers know their art is enhanced by the right gear (and a little luck). So next time you set out for a day of fishing, take your rods, reels, tackle box and a selection of our “anglers favorite” products. Easily install a Happy Troller to your inboard or outboard motor to slow your motor to an “ever so slow,” fish-tantalizing speed. Then, trolling at 2 mph, use Fish Seekers to precisely set your trolling depth. Mini Shockles will help keep your gear on board while you fight a monster fish or monster waves. Keep a Boat Hook onboard to help snag the dock when you return with your catch limit! Need to move your outboard motor? Motor Caddy Outboard Hoisting Harness simplifies the process, letting you stay out on the water a little longer.

[Happy Troller] does the job of slowing us down to approximately 1 - 2 mph, just enough to not only troll for fish (main reason we wanted it), but enough to thoroughly enjoy our lake and the mountains around us. A terrific product.

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