Go Outside and Play!

Davis offers an assortment of products to make whatever you love to do outside more fun. Take LightCap 300, a solar light source with a water bottle, on your next camping trip and have water AND light when the sun goes down. Take along a rigging knife and our handy Knot-a-Bag the next time you paddle your kayak or canoe. Pack a handheld compass and wind indicator on your next long bike ride and know where you are and how the wind is affecting your ride.

Light, Storage, and Water Bottle

LightCap 300 works as a lantern, emergency light, waterproof storage container and regular water bottle.

Choose-a-Size Bags

Knot-a-Bag dispenser fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to determine the size of the bag, depending on your needs. The bag is waterproof when tied.

Location, Location, Location

Hand Bearing Compass lets you easily obtain quick magnetic bearings.

Get a Quick Wind Reading

Davis Turbo Meter, electronic windspeed indicator gives instant and accurate wind speed information in four scales: MPH, knots, feet per second, or meters per second. The turbine rotates on a sapphire bearing making Turbo Meter accurate to plus or minus 3% of reading. Used by many HVAC professionals for its accuracy in whisper-soft winds.
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