Mobile On-site Station

Vantage Vue’s compact design and easy setup provide onsite weather data where and when it’s needed. It provides wind speed and direction, barometer, rain, temperature, humidity and much more. Set alert parameters on the console to let you know when conditions are changing. Vantage Vue can be mounted on a tripod or attached to a vehicle using a magnetic roof stand.
Emergency responders and hazmat teams will be able use wind data at or near the incident to forecast fire path, smoke or spill movement.

Small, all-in-one sensor suite

Vantage Vue’s sensor suite is compact, lightweight and easy to move from one location to another.

Complete and accurate

Vantage Vue’s compact outdoor sensor suite includes highly accurate rain, wind, temperature and humidity sensors in a self-contained package.

Easy to install with fast updates

The sensor suite mounts to a pole and can be attached to a vehicle once at the site using a magnetic roof stand. Data updates as often as every 2.5 seconds from distances up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away.

Send data to the web

Add Vantage Connect or WeatherLink IP to your mobile station for internet-based data. Vantage Connect uses cell technology to transmit data while WeatherLinkIP uses a router.


Vantage Vue’s affordability makes it easy to justify in even the most cost-conscious community. (Are there any other kind?)

[My] Vantage Vue survived our April 3rd hail storm intact. Some of the hail falling during that storm was larger than golf balls with an occasional random hail stone the size of a good cooking apple. Still working properly as of this date ... even though I had to replace a roof on both the house and shed in back yard as well as a metal roof on a sun room, plus numerous damaged window screens and damaged paint on both shed and south side of home. My equipment below the Vantage Vue on the same mast (backup from a manufacturer of a lower grade) was shredded so badly I never found all the pieces. So far my Vantage Vue has been a rugged and very lucky piece of equipment considering what happened throughout my neighborhood that are definitely doing something right.

how we can help you

Community-Based Station

A Vantage Pro2 installed at the fire station or downtown, along with WeatherLinkIP, provides local weather to community-based emergency response teams via the

Remote Monitoring

Areas that are most prone to fire, extreme temperatures, or potential flooding are rarely conveniently located near the hospital, fire station, farm office or

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