Manage Vehicle Maintenance

CarChip Connect takes the guesswork out of maintaining your fleet vehicles by giving you emissions reports, distance driven, and diagnostic trouble codes. Keep drivers aware of driving practices that lead to additional maintenance (like aggressive braking) and incentivize improvement. Requires a service plan.

Avoid expensive down time

With CarChip Connect, you’ll know which vehicles need maintenance before problems arise.You’ll know which will pass emissions tests, and which are racking up miles on the highway rather than stop-and-go on city streets.

See engine diagnostic codes

See any engine diagnostic codes to nip engine problems in the bud. You can even use CarChip Connect to turn the trouble light off in the vehicle.

Get trouble code alerts send to your smartphone

You’ll know when a trouble code is triggered. You’ll be able to see what the code is and take action before the problem gets bigger. You can even turn the light off.

Quick and easy installation

Installs in less than 30 seconds. Just plug and go. Begins sending data immediately.

how we can help you

Improve Fleet Safety and Efficiency

Our CarChip Connect fleet management system combines real-time data and alerts with web analytics to provide you information you can act on. Identifying,

Fleet Data Without GPS

Choose CarChip Connect Basic when real-time data is needed, but GPS is not. You’ll know about hard braking and excess speed in real-time. You get the same

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