Improve Fleet Safety and Efficiency

Our CarChip Connect fleet management system combines real-time data and alerts with web analytics to provide you information you can act on. Identifying, coaching and improving driver behavior and vehicle performance leads to cost savings on insurance and fuel while improve productivity. Requires a service plan.

Simple installation

CarChip Connect installs in 30 seconds - just plug and go. It begins sending data immediately. You’ll know if it has been disconnected at any time.

Vehicle location, anytime, anywhere

See where your vehicles are now and where they have been. Set up custom geofences to know when vehicles enter or exit an area. See vehicle trips mapped by GPS breadcrumbs. Choose the frequency of GPS data you need for each vehicle. Mix and match service plans within your fleet.

Improve safety and productivity

CarChip Connect will keep you informed with real-time email alerts, detailed, web-based reports, driver and vehicles scores, and audible “beeps” to warn drivers of unsafe or inefficient driving.

Reduce fuel consumption

Encourage your drivers to practice “green” driving to save on fuel cost: they’ll be scored higher for reducing idling, avoiding aggressive starts and stops, and maintaining fuel-saving speeds.

Keep records of trips and incidents

CarChip Connect stores hours of driving data -- trips, dates and times, distances, events -- which can be downloaded for an unbroken archive of your vehicles’ activities. It also acts like an airplane's "black box" when an accident occurs.

Keep vehicles ready to go

Get engine diagnostics and trouble code alerts. Reset the “Check Engine” light. See emissions readiness for each vehicle.

Quick and easy installation

Installs in less than 30 seconds. Just plug and go. Begins sending data immediately.

how we can help you

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

CarChip Connect takes the guesswork out of maintaining your fleet vehicles by giving you emissions reports, distance driven, and diagnostic trouble codes. Keep

Fleet Data Without GPS

Choose CarChip Connect Basic when real-time data is needed, but GPS is not. You’ll know about hard braking and excess speed in real-time. You get the same

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