Encourage Safe and Efficient Driving

CarChip Connect and CarChip Fleet Pro allow managers to see which drivers are operating their vehicles safely and efficiently, and which are driving too fast or idling too long. Managers can offer incentives to drivers who improve their safety scores and provide immediate feedback to those who drive unsafely. Choose the appropriate device and appropriate service plan for each vehicle in your fleet.

Set audible alarms to warn drivers of risky driving

You determine the maximum speed and when braking is too hard or acceleration is too fast. Your driver will hear an audible alarm when these limits are exceeded. The alarm goes off when the driver makes a correction.

Produce scored reports to incentivize safe driving

Scored reports consider the parameters you deem important to give you a Safety Score for each driver. Color-coded, web-based reports are easy to customize and offer drivers a way to see their improvement and compare their scores to company averages and standards.

Control costs by encouraging efficiency

Excessive idling, speeding, sitting in traffic and poor engine performance cost you money. You’ll be able to provide useful reports and develop strategies to minimize these cost impacts.

Fleet managers do not like surprises

Managers decide what alerts they want to see on their smartphone when the event occurs: Speeding? "Jack-rabbit" starts? Night time or weekend driving? Accidents? You’ll know when it happens.

Simple “Plug and Go” installation

Just plug it into the OBDII port; it begins collecting immediately. Tamper alerts tell you if CarChip was disconnected.

Automatic upload to the web

Data is automatically uploaded and stored on the web

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Set Appropriate Limits for Different Vehicles

If your fleet consists of different vehicles with different roles, you know one set of limits will not be appropriate for every vehicle. With CarChip Connect

Keep Your Fleet Ready to Go

Know what’s going on under the hood of your fleet vehicles. CarChip Connect and CarChip Fleet Pro both give you engine diagnostics you can use to keep on top

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