A Good Night’s Sleep Aboard

If you sleep on your boat, you’ll love keeping your cabin ventilated and dry with Windscoop Ventilating Sail and Air-Dryr. Shockles LineSnubbers will eliminate most noise from creaking or groaning lines, and compensate for tidal surges and chop.

No more hot, stuffy nights

Windscoop Ventilating Sail is aerodynamically designed to force the slightest breeze into your cabin, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Take the dampness out of the air

Air-Dryer is designed to run all night (and day) gently drying the damp air.

Rock gently to sleep

Shockles LineSnubbers help make the night quiet and calm by eliminating dock line noise caused by chop, wakes or tidal surge. LineSnubbers reduce shock loads and strain on all dock lines or anchor lines.

Sleep in a quiet cabin

AnchorSnubber eliminates chain noise at anchor and helps keep anchors set for a good night’s rest.

how we can help you

Maximize Your Storage Space

Whoever first said, "A place for everything and everything in its place," must have been a sailor. Boats are big on fun and adventure, lean on storage space.

Keep the Wind in Your Sails

Whether you are beating hard or running under spinnaker alone, sailing is all about the wind. Maintain your course with Davis’s full line of wind indicators

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