Affordable Weather Watching

Vantage Vue provides all the basic weather sensors that most schools need to bring the science curriculum to life, and its affordability makes it easier on school budgets. The compact outdoor sensor suite and information-packed console are easy to install and use. Adding WeatherLinkIP allows schools to include the community, and especially parents, in the school’s weather activities.

Check out our Complete Weather Lesson Plans and other resources for teachers.

Comprehensive weather monitoring

Wind speed, wind direction, rain, temperature and humidity in one compact integrated sensor suite. The console adds inside temperature and humidity as well as barometric pressure, graphing, forecast, and the unique Weather Center, with even more information to explore.

Low cost, simple to install

The self-contained sensor suite installs in minutes using the included hardware. Lightweight enough to be easily moved to different locations as needed. You'll have data within minutes of opening the box!

Everyone can see the data on the web

With WeatherLinkIP, your current weather is automatically sent to the web where it can be used by the entire school community.

Science and math linked together equals weather!

how we can help you

Ultimate STEM Station

A Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics to deliver real time, real life

Accurate for Research

When accuracy really matters, Davis weather stations provide the reliability and accuracy research requires. Vantage Pro2’s

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