Add a Soil Moisture System for Fine-Tuning Irrigation

Add this station to your agricultural remote weather system set-up or combine it with its own Vantage Connect to create a remote stand-alone soil moisture system. Great for monitoring in-field soil moisture readings and dramatically improving your irrigation decision making. The soil moisture sensor tracks soil tension: readings greater than 100 indicate the onset of stress due to the lack of plant-available water. Our recommended configuration for remote irrigation management applications includes a soil moisture/temperature station, three soil moisture probes, one temperature probe and a mounting pole kit for easy installation.

Real-time soil moisture readings

Soil moisture and temperature data is transmitted every 15 minutes for near real-time monitoring of soil conditions with a clear indication of the effect of recent irrigation or rain events (when used with the agricultural remote weather system set-up).

Real-time alerts

Get alerts on critical conditions delivered to your smartphone or email.

Analyze your data

Easy-to-view soil moisture charts in WeatherLink software helps keep your irrigation water and fertilizer available to your plants, not running off.

Free weather apps

See your data on your smartphone with our free app for iPhone or Android.

Customize your sensors

Support for up to four Watermark soil moisture sensors and four soil temperature probes.

Add leaf wetness sensors for more data

If leaf wetness data is also important to your crop, the station has inputs for two leaf wetness sensors.

We installed a monitoring solution for a watermelon grower whose biggest problems were managing crop water demand and accurately estimating harvest dates. Using a Vantage Pro2 and soil moisture stations, we were able to use degree days to better predict harvest, as well as increase his yields by up to 60% with better irrigation management.

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