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Top 10 Ways WeatherLink Mobile Makes Life Better

Top 10 Ways WeatherLink Mobile Makes Life Better

Have you ever checked the local weather, saw that the skies should be sunny, then looked out the window to see the rain pouring down?

We’ve all been there! The problem arises from the fact that the reported weather depends on the location of the weather station. “Local” can be based on data gathered several miles away from you, where conditions are very different.

This is where WeatherLink mobile shines. For accurate, reliable, and hyperlocal data, a Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue weather station connected to the WeatherLink Cloud can tell you exactly the conditions at your home, in your garden, or at the local baseball diamond.

Why should you be using WeatherLink Mobile in your daily life? Here are our top ten reasons:

WL-with-Lincoln1. Indexes! Before you go outside to play or work, don’t just look at the temperature. Check the Wind Chill, Heat or THSW Index. Heat Index and Wind Chill use temperature and humidity (HI) or temperature and wind (WC) to give you an idea of how it really feels out there. The best index of all? THSW! It’s like Heat Index, but it also takes into account the heating effects of sunshine and cooling effects of wind. It really tells you how it feels out there. (You need a solar radiation sensor for this one.)

2. Control home energy: Know when to open windows and turn off the AC. (It’s easy to see when the outside temperature has dropped below inside temperature.) Correlate historical temperatures to increased energy consumption and set goals for energy usage.

3. Get bragging rights: “You think it was cold at your house last night? Well, look at THIS!” And, “Yesterday was the coldest day we’ve had in 22 months!” Or even, “It was so cold last night. Good thing I had my WeatherLink app on my phone so I could check the temps from my cozy bed!”

4. Travel in the know. Travel the world with the real-time current weather data of your destination in your pocket. There are thousands of weather stations reporting to WeatherLink Cloud that can all be accessed from the mobile app.

5. Protect your landscaping. Protect your lawn, shrubs and flowers by watering wisely. Is your lawn getting the right amount of water? Did it rain enough to let you skip a day of water? Will it get so cold overnight you should bring in your potted plants? (Yes, you can predict this! See the Quiz Question.)

6. Be a science nerd. Enjoy the science behind storms—watch wind and barometric pressure as a storm approaches; measure rain in terms of inches per hour and watch when it peaks and begins to wane.

7. Hunt effectively. Understand weather's influence on deer activity. For example, whitetails have a built-in ability to detect impending weather changes. Deer move little during low-pressure fronts, which often result in fog, rain or snow. Then, as fronts pass and the barometer rises, deer activity increases dramatically if air temperatures match the whitetail’s comfort zone. One change in weather could spur increased deer movement and be the catalyst for an incredible day of hunting, while another change might lead to the demise of a carefully planned hunting trip.

8. Play on the water safely. Is bad weather coming or clearing? Know when a warm front is approaching and also how fast will it come. You can head for land before the first raindrop falls, or head for your sailboat in time to catch the best breezes.

9. Grow big (fruits and veggies, that is). Timing is everything in the garden. Use data from your garden’s microclimate to develop a growing calendar that can make the weather your ally in the vegetable garden. Know when the time is right to start seedlings, transplant, maintain, spray, and harvest.

10. Be a hero. Share your data with your community. Keep everyone in your community—neighbors, students, emergency workers, visitors, and travelers—informed about local weather conditions.

WeatherLink Mobile is available on iOS and Android. Use the mobile app to enjoy up-to-the-minute updates with detailed information from all the sensors, as well as 7-day and Hourly forecast, records, and graphs.

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