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EnviroMonitor Receives Award-Winning Recognition

EnviroMonitor Receives Award-Winning Recognition

It has been a busy six months for Davis’s exciting new EnviroMonitor. We hate to toot our own horn (no we don’t, we love it!) but EnviroMonitor was awarded, not one, but two, distinguished awards.

First, the Irrigation Association presented us with a New Product Award in the “Specialty-Agriculture” category while exhibiting at the 2017 Irrigation Show in Orlando, Florida. This award really means a lot to us because the folks that make up the association are truly industry professionals and are looking for the latest cutting-edge technology to help growers use resources more efficiently.

Then, we made a quick hop 2,300 miles from Orlando to the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, where EnviroMonitor won a CES Innovation Award in the “Tech for a Better World” category. We are very humbled to be given this award as there are so many amazing products from all around the globe at this massive show. EnviroMonitor was recognized as an important tool for facing the ever increasing global challenges of feeding more and more people with fewer and fewer resources. Growers around the world will use EnviroMonitor to reduce water and chemical use; limit damage from pests, frost, drought, and wind; and get more yields from farmland.

(Wait a minute. Just in case you don’t know what EnviroMonitor is… here’s a quick overview: EnviroMonitor is a flexible system of Davis and third-party sensors that form a wireless mesh network. Data is driven via a cellular connection to the Cloud, where it provides actionable, real-time information to growers. EnviroMonitor helps growers measure, monitor and manage a wide range of environmental conditions. Designed for flexibility, scalability, and mobile access, EnviroMonitor can be installed on a small farm or scaled to cover thousands of acres.)

Getting awards like this make us feel great, but what makes us even more proud is that growers from around the world are embracing and using EnviroMonitor. Like Elvis, we say, thank you… thank you very much.

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