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No Login Required: Apple Ranch Uses WeatherLink Embed Link to Tout its Weather

No Login Required: Apple Ranch Uses WeatherLink Embed Link to Tout its Weather

Jonathan Bastedo, the office manager of Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen, California, has the perfect job. He works in an apple orchard!

Los Rios Rancho welcomes visitors who enjoy a huge variety or apple-centered activities: picking fresh, organic apples, berries and pumpkins; celebrating weddings; touring the farm; learning about the history of agriculture in the western United States; tasting apple butters; celebrating the Harvest with dining and dancing; hiking the nature trails; listening to live music; touring the packing house; pressing cider; taking wagon rides; getting lost in the corn maze; taking a hay ride; petting the farm animals; enjoying popcorn and a soda at the vintage soda cart; or enjoying a slice of hot apple pie—just to name a few.

And right there on their main web page, guests can see exactly what the current weather conditions are with the embedded WeatherLink page. No WeatherLink account required!


But the weather is not all about guests enjoying the sun and rain; it’s also very much about growing apples.

Jonathan told us, “We currently use the desktop application to monitor weather conditions and track growing degree days for the pest management software for apples. We use the system to monitor the growing decisions and pest management through the Integrated Pest Management software for Apples and Pears. It helps us determine when to spray organic pesticides and when we need to put out pheromone inhibitors. We also use the leaf wetness sensors.”

You can check out the weather at Los Rios Rancho here.

To access embeddable pages for your weather station:

  • Log in to
  • Click “Share and Uploads.”
  • Select the “Embed” option at the top of pop-up.
  • Select from the wide (560x480), slim (338x500), and signature (200x760) formats to embed the link in your personal web page for anyone to view.

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