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Davis Takes 1st and 2nd Place in Best Weather Station Review

Davis Takes 1st and 2nd Place in Best Weather Station Review

You know you want a weather station, in fact, you NEED a weather station. Weather reports you see in weather apps are often from stations miles away from your location. The best home weather stations will do what smartphone apps cannot. They'll tell you exactly what the weather’s doing at your own home, farm, school or business.

But which weather station to pick? Even after you’ve narrowed it down to a Davis station, the options available can make it a tough choice. That’s where Weather Station Advisor, whose stated goal is “to help weather enthusiasts choose not only the best but the most suitable weather instruments,” comes in. They offer reviews on all brands of weather stations, including Davis, AcuRite and La Crosse.

The site recently posted its Best Home Weather Station Reviews in 2018. We were proud to see that the Vantage Pro2 came in at first place with five stars, and the Vantage Vue came in second with four and a half stars. (Why the difference? Vantage Pro2 got a half star more because it can be expanded and customized with UV Sensor and Solar Radiation Sensor, a Daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield Kit, or additional stations such as the Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture Station, and because its anemometer can be mounted up to 40 feet away from the rest of the sensor suite, allowing you to site the sensors according to NOAA standards.)

But while he gave Vantage Pro2 the top spot, expert reviewer and tech journalist Ed Oswald, is a big Vantage Vue fan. He wrote, “After testing many home weather stations, my favorite – and the station that I use at my own home – is the Davis Vantage Vue. It has served me incredibly well”.

Read the review here.

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