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NEW! WeatherLink Console: The Smart Way to View Weather Data. Learn More
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Bring WeatherLink Live Home

Bring WeatherLink Live Home

What’s missing from your high-tech home? WeatherLink Live, that’s what. Davis Instruments’ newest addition will add convenience and efficiency to your home by giving you the ability to gather and access more environmental data than ever. WeatherLink Live automatically sends the data you need to the WeatherLink Cloud via your home’s Wi-Fi.

WeatherLink Live even provides live-streaming of data to the WeatherLink app when your smartphone is on your local area network. This means you can watch the wind speed change as it happens. The app shows LIVE at the top when it’s getting an update packet, every 2.5 seconds. Because it can receive data from up to eight different transmitters, even eight different sensor suites, you can create a truly custom network for your home.

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Watch temperatures in the wine cellar

You’ve finally installed that wine storage system. It might not be exactly a cellar, but you’re feeling good about putting your curated wines away for future sipping. As heat is the primary enemy for good wine, you’ve chosen a spot you THINK stays cool but not too cool, with few temperature changes. But now you can KNOW that your wine investment is safely cool and dry by installing a temperature/humidity sensor in an AC-powered Sensor Transmitter that will report to your WeatherLink Live. You can then set up text alerts to let you know if the conditions change, allowing you time to stop any damage.

Keep your hot tub hot

You’ve got the perfect hot tub set up, and after a stressful day, you’re ready for a good long soak. But one toe in, and the shock of a tepid tub puts you right back in high-stress mode. It’ll be a long time before it’s hot enough for a soak, so tonight, there will be no hot water respite. To avoid that pitiful scene, drop a temperature probe (connected to a Sensor Transmitter) in your hot tub. Your WeatherLink Live will send the temperature to your WeatherLink app so you can check to see your tub’s temperature from the office, even before you get home. Ahhhhh!


Avoid frozen pipes

While spring and summer are nice for picnics, and fall is pretty, it’s the beauty of a snowy winter day that really makes you happy. The quiet, the peace, the coziness of being inside by the fireplace…the trickle that comes out of the tap when you try to get a pot of water for tea going. And then, the panic over the danger of burst pipes…suddenly, you are not such a fan of winter. WeatherLink Live to the rescue! Put a temperature/humidity sensor with an AC-Powered Sensor Transmitter, near pipes to be prepared to avoid freezing pipes. WeatherLink Live will keep your app updated.

Monitor wind at several locations

Of all the weather parameters your Davis system can report, the one you happen to care most about is wind. You gotta love wind! It’s weather you can see, feel, and hear. Its power is undeniable and the way it changes from minute-to-minute, even second-to-second, make it the most interesting to watch. But until now, you could only watch the wind at the one spot where your sensor suite’s anemometer is installed. You like knowing the wind speed at eight feet above the ground near the grill in your backyard, but you’d love to also know what the wind speed is on the roof. Now you can install a second (or third! or eighth!) anemometer to round out the picture of what the wind does at your home.

wll-exposure-tweaked_2018-11-08-1034Integrate with smart-devices

Your house is so smart, it might be awarded an honorary degree. You’ve automated the heater and air conditioner, the sprinklers and the blinds. Lights come on at dusk and go off at dawn, and your alarm clock wakes you only during a period of non-REM sleep. But until now, your house couldn’t include current real-time weather conditions in any decision. Now you can use WeatherLink Live and a wide range of sensor options to give it the data it needs.

Watch temperature in any room

There’s a new sheriff in your little town. She weighs 16 pounds and wields a cry more powerful than a Cat IV hurricane. And she sleeps, when she sleeps, all alone, in a crib many feet away from your bed at the other end of the hall. As you lie there asking yourself what could possibly be wrong now, at least you can rest assured it’s not that she’s too cold or too warm. Why? You’ve installed a temperature station (a temperature probe and AC-Powered Transmitter, reporting to your WeatherLink Live) in the hallway outside her room. Your WeatherLink app can tell you it’s exactly 72⁰F/22⁰C in her room. (If only it could tell you if she is wet or hungry…)

Control sun exposure

You've been sitting out by the pool watching the kids frolic in the beautiful sunshine. Is it time to get them out of the sun? You could guess, or you could just check your phone. WeatherLink Live will send UV data from your sensor suite or from the UV sensor you’ve set up by the pool to your app.

wll-exposure-tweaked_2018-11-08-0687Use water in your garden effectively

Your garden is your sanctuary, your grocery store, and your badge of pride. You lovingly water your tomatoes by hand, and your lawn by an automatic irrigation system. Sometimes you lovingly pay a very high water bill and wonder if the plants really did need all that water. Now you can know for sure. Bury a few soil moisture sensors and add a leaf wetness sensor, reporting to a Wireless Soil Moisture and Leaf Wetness Station, in your garden and lawn. Know when it’s time to turn the sprinklers on – or off.

Davis Instruments, and AEM brand

In the face of escalating environmental risks, AEM is the essential source for insights on weather, climate, lightning, floods, wildfires, water management, and more.

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