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Transmit your weather data beyond your Davis station's built-in transmission distance.

Remote Data Worldwide

Vantage Connect brings even the most remote weather station data to your computer or smartphone via a cellular connection. Do you have a remote location with no Internet service? Vantage Connect help you get your weather data.

Vantage Connect® by Davis

Remote Weather Data, Versatile Integration.

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Wireless Repeaters

Extend transmission distance or improve reception of a wireless Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue weather station. Use one or more repeaters to retransmit from a single station. Or build a network of repeaters and wireless stations, with some repeaters listening to multiple stations, each with their own unique ID.


Ideal for most applications. Uses the same dipole antenna found on all of our wireless stations. Range is up to 1,000 ft (300 m) outdoors, line of sight. Typical range through wall under most conditions is 200 to 400 ft. (60 to 120 m).


In our testing, we achieved an incredible four miles (6.4 km) of transmission distance suign two of our long-range repeaters with Yagi antennas. We can't promise that you'll achieve quite the same results, since range is highly variable depending on many factors. Ideal for agricultural or research applications where long distances are an issue. Note: customers outside the USA must purchase third-party antennas in compliance with local regulations.

Antennas for Long-Range Repeaters

For use with our long-range repeaters. Each repeater requires two antennas: one to receive data, and another to retransmit it.

  • Omni Antenna: Omni antennas transmit or receive in all directions.
  • Yagi Antenna: Yagi antennas transmit or receive from a single direction, but have a longer transmission distance.
Repeater Distances
Antenna Combination Multiplier Maximum Transmission Distance (under optimal conditions**)
Dipole – Dipole * 1.00 1000 ft. 0.2 miles 300 m
Dipole – Omni 1.58 1580 ft. 0.3 mile 475 m
Dipole – Yagi 3.16 3160 ft. 0.6 mile 950 m
Omni – Omni 2.50 2500 ft. 0.5 mile 750 m
Omni – Yagi 5.00 5000 ft. 1.0 mile 1500 m
Yagi – Yagi 10.00 10,000 ft. 1.9 miles 3000 m

* Dipole antennas are found on all of our wireless weather stations and on our standard repeaters.

** Typical distance will be less. Outdoors, line of sight with minor obstructions or interference, typical distance is about 50-80% of the maximum. Through walls or in areas with high RF interference, typical distance may be as low as 20-40% of the maximum.

Telephone Modem

For transmission of data from any of our WeatherLink data loggers using a telephone modem.