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Our Weather Quiz

What is the outermost portion of the atmosphere?
When would you use a ceilometer?
 To measure cloud density
 To record cloud height
 To characterize cloud type
Where do you find a Chinook Wind?
 On the Western slope of the Sierra Madre
 On the Eastern slope of the Rockies
 South from the plains of Manitoba
Which is the cloud type highest in altitude?
What material is used in cloud seeding?
 Carbon Dioxide
 Aluminum salts
What is El Niño?
 Ocean warming off Peru's coast
 Warm desert wind blowing out toward the ocean
 The ash resulting from a volcanic explosion
Which direction do a cyclone's winds blow in Kansas?
 Toward the area of lowest pressure
Where would you experience a Downburst?
 Under a thunderstorm
 In the eye of a hurricane
 At the leading edge of a hurricane
What is Freezing Rain?
 Rain that freezes when striking the ground
 Precipitation that begins as sleet, but melts as it falls
 Precipitation that begins as rain, but freezes as it falls
What is the Aurora Borealis' partner to the South?
 Aurora Australis
 Aurora del Sud
 Aurora Unrealis