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The Weather at Davis

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 Current Weather at Davis

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Location:Hayward, California USA
Report Generated:02/06/13 12:15p Pacific Time

High: 52.5°F at 10:22a
Low: 39.6°F on 6:03a
High: 93% at 1:14a
Low: 71% at 10:26a
High: 30.157 in. at 8:59a
Low: 30.102 in. at 3:14a

Dew Point:43.5°F Wind:W at 5.0mph
Wind Chill: 51.5°F Today's Rainfall: 0.01in.
THW Index: 51.0°F Rainfall This Storm: 0.00in.
Heat Index: 51.8°F Current Rainfall Rate: 0.00in./hr.
UV Index: 1.3 Monthly Rainfall: 0.01in.
Solar Radiation: 575W/mē Yearly Rainfall: 89.95in.

Today's Highest Wind Speed reading was 11.0mph at 12:03p
Today's Highest Dewpoint reading was 46.0°F at 9:21a
Today's Lowest Dewpoint reading was 38.0°F at 4:34a
Today's Lowest Wind Chill reading was 38.0°F at 5:04a
Today's Highest Heat Index reading was 52.0°F at 10:17a

Conditions Inside the Davis Server Room
Inside Temperature:73.8°F
Inside Humidity: 39%
Inside Heat Index:72.7°F
Inside Dewpoint:47.3°F