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Other Weather Sites

Here's a list of some great weather-related sites.

Miami Museum of Science. A colorful and fun educational site for kids. Learn about how hurricanes work with stories, pictures, and fun activities. Includes teacher's guide.

National Climatic Data Center. The world's largest active archive of weather data, with statistics for temperature and precipitation from thousands of sites across the U.S.

National Hurricane Center. The latest hurricane warnings along with historical data, info on hurricane awareness and forecasting models, and much more.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Loaded with information on climate, aviation and marine weather, tornadoes, El Niño and La Niña, and more.

National Snow & Ice Data Center. Information and referral center for everything snow and ice: blizzards, snow cover, avalanches, glaciers, ice sheets, and permafrost.

National Weather Service. Local, national, and international conditions and forecasts, with up-to-date weather watches and warnings.

Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois. Resources for teachers, plus the weather visualizer, where you can generate customized weather images from real-time weather data.

The Weather Channel. A complete glossary of weather terms, from "absolute humidity" to "zonal index" and everything in between.

WeatherEye. For kids from second grade through high school. Includes lesson plans and resources for teachers, plus a special parents' center.