Discover the advantages

Take your station to the weather

Compact and self-contained, your Vantage Vue weather station goes where you go.

Real-time data

In storm events, what matters is what is happening now. Davis weather stations offer updates as often as every 2.5 seconds.

Rugged and built to last

Our outdoor sensor suites are built to take the worst the weather can dish out - snow and ice, heat and sunlight, torrential rain and whipping wind -- without a whimper.

Maintain historical records

Maintain detailed data archives for in-depth comparison and analysis of storms.

Discover the Possibilities

Mount a Weather Station on Your Chase Vehicle

The Vantage Vue weather station is small enough to carry along in your storm chaser vehicle. It can even be mounted on top of the vehicle. Its compact size and simple setup...

Keep the Community Aware of Weather Danger

Do you live where weather can change quickly? Do you need to know what’s going on out there right now? With a Vantage Pro2 mounted in your backyard, you can get storm data...

Know How Your Data Compares

When the weather service reports winds speeds on a storm path, you will be able to compare that data with the wind speed in your own back yard. You’ll know if your rain...

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