Discover the advantages

Engage fans even before the event

Promote your venue by sharing the weather leading up to and including game-day. Besides allowing fans to come dressed appropriately, weather offers another analysis point and a way to further engage your fans with the team.

Promote team safety

Keep your athletes strong by avoiding the dangers of dehydration, sun exposure, slipping, or chilling during practices and games. Tracking weather conditions at the field level allows coaches to monitor player safety, preventing weather-related injuries.

Play with the weather, not against it

In outdoor sports, weather is the invisible team member. Knowing the field will be icy, the temperatures will be soaring, the wind will be whipping from the west, or the track will be wet gives your athletes the ability to hone their skills to perform in spite of the weather.

Keep your turf game-day ready

Add an additional sensor and your facilities team will be able to monitor soil moisture and irrigation needs for your natural turf or landscaped areas.

Discover the Possibilities

Use the Weather to Engage Your Fan Base

An affordable Vantage Vue weather posting your venue’s real-time weather data to the web will allow fans extra insight into the games and incentivize visits to your site....

Smart Training

Keeping your athletes injury-free and ready compete is a prime directive of coaches. But when the weather dishes out heat and cold, rain or snow, a coach must walk a fine...

Natural Turf Irrigation

Add our Soil Moisture Station to your Smart Training station and further enhance the value of your weather station. Great for monitoring in-field soil moisture readings and...

Include Weather in Event Planning

Whether it's a game, a Fun-Run, or a marathon, any time you plan an event you must consider the weather. As the event approaches, your Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue will give ...

Provide Athletes With Microclimate Conditions

Bring real-time microclimate weather conditions into the pits of your auto race, the launch area of your gliding meet, the starting line of your marathon. When participants...

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