Discover the advantages

Download hours of driving data to your PC

CarChip Pro stores hours of driving data until you are ready to download it to your PC via the included USB cable. Once downloaded, the included CarChip software allows you to store and analyze driver and engine performance.

Keep your engine in top running condition

CarChip Pro can tell you the status of 23 different engine parameters. You can choose to log any four at a time. If your car requires repair, you’ll be better prepared to discuss the issues with your mechanic.

Discover the Possibilities

Mentor Your New Driver

New drivers need experience driving on their own. With CarChip Pro, you can continue to mentor and review their skills as they drive -- without riding along on every trip....

Keep Track of Business Driving

Automatically log driving times and distances to make business driving reports painless. Either plug in CarChip before each trip, or keep CarChip plugged in and match days of ...

Audible Alarms Help Break Bad Habits

Have your gotten a speeding ticket or two? Bad driving habits can be hard to break, but CarChip Pro can help. Set an alarm to sound when you drive too fast, or brake too...

Know Your Car Will Pass Emissions Testing

Know your engine will pass emissions testing before you take it in for testing. CarChip records the engine’s self tests of emissions parameters, letting you know if any one ...

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