Discover the advantages

Clean from stem to stern

Keep your boat in top sailing shape! Our cleaning supplies, lubricants, and maintenance tools keep you and your boat clean, safe and comfortable.

Keep your crew and craft safe

Prevent accidents from happening even before you cast off. Be ready to act to avoid collisions, falls, and damage to your boat.

Smart and organized

You don’t have room to waste space. Enjoy your time on the water knowing that everything is in it’s place and there is a place for all your needed equipment.

Sail in comfort

Manage your cabin comfort by keeping humidity down, air flowing and providing compact lighting options.

Keep the wind in your sails

Whether it’s day or night, our navigation and wind equipment provides the data you need to maintain your position.

Discover the Possibilities

Safety Matters on the Water and at the Dock

Keeping your crew and craft safe requires constant awareness of your surroundings and planning for all contingencies. When out on the water, it’s important to see and be...

Keep Your Boat Clean and Comfortable

You’ll find many uses for FSR, a unique cleaner that’s ideal for removing oil, rust, exhaust and waterline stains from fiberglass surfaces. Keep mold and mildew from...

Maximize Your Storage Space

Whoever first said, "A place for everything and everything in its place," must have been a sailor. Boats are big on fun and adventure, lean on storage space. Keep your...

A Good Night’s Sleep Aboard

If you sleep on your boat, you’ll love keeping your cabin ventilated and dry with Windscoop Ventilating Sail and Air-Dryr. Shockles LineSnubbers will eliminate most noise...

Keep the Wind in Your Sails

Whether you are beating hard or running under spinnaker alone, sailing is all about the wind. Maintain your course with Davis’s full line of wind indicators and navigation...

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