Discover the advantages

Keep your guests apprised of current weather conditions

Whether your guests are looking forward to snow skiing or snorkeling, knowing the conditions for outdoor recreation will enhance their experience.

Make good decisions for safe recreation

Too windy for climbing? How cold is it on top of the mountain? What will the UV index be for today’s round of golf? Be prepared with real-time, micro-climate information for safe fun outdoors.

Bring your weather station with you

Vantage Vue is compact and self-contained: mount it on your recreational vehicle or boat and have the local weather information you need while away from home. It is also affordable: install a second station at your vacation cabin.

Discover the Possibilities

Keep Your Adventures Safe

Enjoying outdoor recreation safely requires a knowledge of weather conditions. Install a Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station on the mountaintop -- or the 18th hole, wherever...

Provide Resort Weather for Guests

If guests to your facility come to enjoy hiking, climbing, boating, skiing, sunbathing, sight-seeing, or relaxation, you can enhance their enjoyment by offering them weather...

Take Your Station With You

Vantage Vue is small enough to take along on your outdoor adventures. Mount it to your recreational vehicle or your boat, or take it along to mount on your vacation cabin....

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