Discover the advantages

Safer driving correlates to fewer accidents

Studies show that monitored fleets experience fewer accidents. CarChip Connect provides driver feedback and fleet analytics that improve your bottom line. Color-coded web-based reports help you identify drivers or vehicles who are doing well or need improvement. Easily identify issues that need attention with comprehensive Integrated Scorecard.

Easy installation and intelligent telematics

OBD II port installation takes less than a minute; just plug it in and secure cellular data transmission starts right away. Settings are maintained in the device's minicomputer providing real-time data independent of GPS updates.

Vehicle location anytime, anywhere

Pick the GPS update interval that meets your needs. Choose from 1- or 5-minutes or when an “event” occurs. "Events" generate a GPS breadcrumb so you can better evaluate the situation.

Productivity goes up with monitoring

With CarChip Connect’s real-time GPS, you’ll know where your employees are, how long they’ve been there and how the vehicle is operating. You’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary idle time and encourage fuel-efficent speeds to save thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

Identify aggressive driving

See which drivers exhibit aggressive driving behavior with our color-coded g-Bubble report. Used with the Safety report, managers can hone in on specific driver performance.

Discover the Possibilities

Improve Fleet Safety and Efficiency

Our CarChip Connect fleet management system combines real-time data and alerts with web analytics to provide you information you can act on. Identifying, coaching and...

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

CarChip Connect takes the guesswork out of maintaining your fleet vehicles by giving you emissions reports, distance driven, and diagnostic trouble codes. Keep drivers aware...

Fleet Data Without GPS

Choose CarChip Connect Basic when real-time data is needed, but GPS is not. You’ll know about hard braking and excess speed in real-time. You get the same powerful web...

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