Discover the advantages

Never be without a light

Solar-powered LED lights provide convenience, use resources well and travel well. Our lighting options are multifunctional, and always handy when you need them. Use the daytime sun to charge our lights and light up the evening in your tent, boat, RV or even your own backyard adventure.

Carry only what you need

Whether you’re camping, biking, fishing or taking a hike, it’s important to travel light. What you take should be compact, highly functional and preferably multifunctional. Many Davis products for the great outdoors are highly functional and lightweight, maximizing your time spent outdoors.

Stay on track and aware of changing weather

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re enjoying the outdoors. That’s why it’s called an adventure! Knowing where you’re headed and how the winds are changing will help determine potential weather changes. Our hand held compass and wind indicators provide mobile information whether you’re windsurfing, hang gliding or hiking.

Discover the Possibilities

Go Outside and Play!

Davis offers an assortment of products to make whatever you love to do outside more fun. Take LightCap 300, a solar light source with a water bottle, on your next camping...

Keep Your Adventures Safe

Enjoying outdoor recreation safely requires a knowledge of weather conditions. Install a Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station on the mountaintop -- or the 18th hole, wherever...

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