Discover the advantages

Choose the device that’s perfect for each vehicle in your fleet

”Mix and match” devices to provide the information you need for each specific vehicle. Put CarChip Connect in those vehicles where real-time GPS breadcrumbs are needed, and CarChip Fleet Pro where historic trip and vehicle data are sufficient.

See all the data on the CarChip Connect website

CarChip Connect’s real-time GPS data and CarChip Fleet Pro’s historical data blend seamlessly into your reports whenever the data is applicable.

Add GPS function to CarChip Fleet Pro

If the need arises, you can add a GPS Module and GPS Interface Module to vehicles with CarChip Fleet Pro devices. This way, you’ll get historic vehicle location data as well as trip and vehicle data.

Discover the Possibilities

Encourage Safe and Efficient Driving

CarChip Connect and CarChip Fleet Pro allow managers to see which drivers are operating their vehicles safely and efficiently, and which are driving too fast or idling too...

Set Appropriate Limits for Different Vehicles

If your fleet consists of different vehicles with different roles, you know one set of limits will not be appropriate for every vehicle. With CarChip Connect and CarChip...

Keep Your Fleet Ready to Go

Know what’s going on under the hood of your fleet vehicles. CarChip Connect and CarChip Fleet Pro both give you engine diagnostics you can use to keep on top of maintenance ...

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